What's Your Business Worth? Get Your FREE & CONFIDENTIAL Opinion of Value

About Us

These are just a few reasons why business owners have hired the help of the NashvilleBusiness BrokerNetwork.com to assist them in selling their business. We can customize a solution that you, the business owner, feel comfortable with. We promise not to be the high-pressure sales agency that pressures you for a sale or pressures you into something that you don’t want to do.

NashvilleBusinessBrokerNetwork.com can assist you, the business owner, with any or all the following:

  • Determine an Opinion of Value (recommended asking price)
  • Create a Business Lead Sheet
  • Confidential Business Review (CBR)
  • Find you buyers for your business
  • Assist the business owner through the sales process
  •  Provide you with list of professionals to help you through the process
  • Enter into an agreement with The Gardner Group to handle the transaction from the listing agreement, to close

You choose the plan you need



What are the cost of the plans? We have created a three-tiered system: Basic, Plus, Custom. The Basic Plan is a Lead Generation Plan and is a month-to-month agreement that can be cancelled at the end of each monthly billing cycle. The Plus Plan is a Lead Generation Plan PLUS a Deal Assistance. The Plus plan requires a four-month agreement that can be cancelled at the end of the fourth month. The Custom plan is just that, it is customized to fit the business owner’s needs. Click the “Plans” link to view the details of our three plans.

Why Businesses Choose Us

Confidential Business Review (CBR)

The CBR (confidential business review) is a tool used in offering a business for sale. One of the services provided by nashvillebusinessbrokernetwork.com is creating a Confidential Business Review (CBR)—a comprehensive look at every aspect of a business that would be of interest to a potential buyer.

Knowing The Sales Process

By taking the time to understand how to improve the attractiveness of a business to a buyer, improve its systems, processes, income, margins and profitability, to make your business independent of yourself (the key-person factor) you will create more value in the business, resulting in a better sale price.

Finding The Right Buyer

Finding the right buyer is the key to a smooth transaction; it also will contribute to the continued success and growth of the business. When deciding who the best buyer is for your business you first should take a look at what kind of business you’re offering. Click to contact us for help buying or selling a business.